Avangard Professional – Замовити професійну косметику для шкіри та волосся.

How do we control quality?

 We use only certified ingredients from leading manufacturers in Ukraine, Europe, and Asia.  Most of the cosmetic ingredients are Ecocert certified.

 Countries of origin of raw materials for the production of products: Germany, Italy, France, Korea.

 Our formulations are based on the principles of maximum naturalness, safety and effectiveness.

 We do not use harmful preservatives and other components dangerous for humans and the environment.

 A_Avangard Professional brand products do not contain aggressive sulfates, parabens, or other harmful chemical components.  We indicate all components when labeling the package in accordance with European standards.

 The cosmetics of our brand are not tested on animals.

 All finished products undergo thorough quality control during the entire storage period, transportation to stores and end consumers.

 After all, we understand that it is the quality and efficiency of products that form the trust of consumers to the Ukrainian manufacturer.

 Because the best guarantee for a brand is the love of our customers to our products.

 All products of TM “A_Avangard Professional” are certified in Ukraine, have the conclusions of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination and internal certificates of conformity.